Aditya Darmawan


Based in Indonesia

Starting price 350 USD

Before established in 2013, Aditya Darmawan has become freelance photographer in wedding photography industries since 2010 untill decided to build his own, ADARMAWANS PICTURES & MOTIONS. Becoming a full-time professional wedding photographer has never crossed his mind before, but turns out, he’s so in love be a witness of a special moment that so emotional in a person life. With his own journalism style, he capturing a wedding moments with emotions in every photographs he make. Aditya Darmawan, Surabaya-based Full-time Photographer (Indonesia). It’s been almost 7 years since the first time he shoot professionally. In the last few years he specializing in Weddings Journalism, Music Documentary Service, Event Journalism, and Portraits. Style? He's a simple person, which is affect lots of his work as a photographer. As the tagline said, “when the words are not enough..”. The picture already describe itself. As simple as that. The beauty of simplicity. 😉

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