Jillian Tree

Jillian Tree Photography

Based in Miami United States

Also serving in Canada

Starting price 3000 USD

I LOVE photographing weddings. I love having this amazing job where I get to witness love joining together, the happiest day of a couple’s life. I get to capture the bride giggling with her bridesmaids while nervously putting on her wedding dress, the couple’s first kiss as husband & wife, and my favorite is that moment after they walk down the aisle and realized they are really married!! I’ve photographed weddings in Canada, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and all over Florida. I love traveling for weddings, shooting in new environments with mountains, forests, lakes or fields. Lace wedding dresses & floral crowns/hair accessories make me sigh with a happy photographer’s heart. My photography style is: romantic, photojournalistic, feminine, authentic & natural-lit. I adore my husband, being a mother to my beautiful daughters, & my Savior. I’m incredibly happy to do what I love, taking a limited number of weddings each year to dedicate myself to each of them more personally!

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