Jean Claude Manfredi

Jean Claude Manfredi/Manfredi Studio

Based in Italy

Also serving in Switzerland

Starting price 1600 EUR

My philosophy is very simple, capturing moments as they happen. I want to leave space to unique and spontaneous shots, all of this to give a real, true, spontaneous memory made of all those moments and details that will make a wedding unique. The best wedding photographer is the one that is able to capture the true essence of what happens, being able to immortalize what you feel with images that could never resemble to those of anyone else. When I work I talk about "Wedding Stories" and not simply of Weddings, because every story is different and though the course of the day is nearly the same for everybody, it is never actually the same. The determinant element that creates the unicity of the event are the newlyweds. The only limit is the eye of the one who will photograph them.

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