inez cortez

i do

Based in Portugal

Starting price 1000 EUR

And now? Among the many things to deal with when we decide to marry, there is one that does not pass anyone's side: photography. Photographing a wedding is a great motivation for me. The one to create timeless memories of one of the most remarkable days in the life of the couple. It can not be any photograph: she has to capture the smallest details, the most spontaneous moments, a greatness of the moment. The smiles, like tears, the hugs. Like dances, the branch, the cake. As children, adults, friends and a family. A happiness of the couple. Each couple is unique. And it is a wonderful challenge to know, from the inside, as people involved, to better adapt a photograph to its uniqueness. This is my goal: to create an original and exclusive report that portrays a singularity of each marriage. In love with video, other possibilities will be created with a "teaser" or small video, with essence and as songs chosen by you!

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