Castille ALMA

Castille ALMA - Photographe

Based in France

Also serving in Switzerland

Starting price 1500 EUR

I realize only Lifestyle stories in light natural. I photograph you as you are, naturally, photos taken live to capture real and spontaneous moments. This type of wedding photography shows the inexpressible, to transcribe the spontaneous emotion and atmosphere of the moment, freeze time to make eternal… It makes visible the feelings and it’s something extraordinary in my eyes! My universe is full of poetry and romanticism but also moments fun and rock’n roll that breathe the joy of living. I favour a Bohemian and a little cozy atmosphere rather than color photos very contrasty. I love my job and I fully invested for each couple that I encounter, every wedding I photograph. I like to go and meet people, capture laughter, moments of unique emotions. I attach great importance to know you and that there is a real complicity between us, it allows me to provide you with pictures that you look and reflect your personality.

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