Redijus Anikanovas

Redijus Photography

Based in Sweden

Also serving in Norway

Starting price 1400 EUR

Inspired by Nature and True Love. Each wedding has cornerstone rules which help to create this incredible day. You know what will happen, what will follow after, what people plan to do. At the same time each couple brings their ideas, their incredible touch that all together make this day of Love unique, exclusive. I love capturing their day, their wonderful moments. You will not see me running around people and telling them what to do, how to stand in front of camera. My goal is to be invisible and catch unforgettable moments: when a beautiful, elegant girl gracefully lowers her eyes; when the two lovers eyes meet together to confirm loudly pronounced Yes, I DO. My aim is to leave You the intimate story of Love that flourishes between two of You – wonderful Newlyweds. I wish every couple to choose a photographer whom You would be willing to go up a mountain with. with Love, Redijus

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