Massimiliano Esposito

Light & Dreams

Based in Italy

Also serving in United Kingdom

Starting price 1350 EUR

In 2010 I finally realized my dream by opening my first studio as a wedding photographer. In 2014 I met my wife, also a photographer, who accompanies me today at most weddings. In this way we can really capture everything from two different points of view, our own. Each of my shots tells a story, describes moments. My photographs become symbols of an emotion, an unforgettable moment to relive forever. The careful study of colors, light and exposures allows to obtain high quality photographs, refined and elegant. Our goal is to achieve the right balance between photojournalism and portrait photography, both equally important. Photojournalism is synonymous with realism, able to capture everything that happens, to transform emotions into images, true marriage, real smiles, real tears. But … everyone loves love stories, breath taking photos. The spouses need a session of portraits, only the bride and groom, where I can capture their true love, complicity, intimacy.

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