Ricardo Jayme

Ricardo Jayme - Wedding & Love Photographer

Based in Brazil

Also serving in Chile

Starting price 1300 USD

Who is the photographer? I’m a lucky guy: I simply love the idea that I can work with photography and help couples keep their lovely wedding memories forever. And I can certainly tell you that everything is really special on the wedding day; that’s why I like to compose the best pictures. Imagine the perfect photo shoot: genuine and original. It has no fixed rules. Real pictures are spontaneous, funny and emotional, and that’s how it should (always) be! Being a wedding photographer allows me to work with all my heart and experience real feelings from up close. My only requirement: I need passionate couples that really want to turn their great day into an enthusiastic and unique memory. Movies, art and music inspire me, as do family moments. Natural elements, happy couples and a lot of fun: everything counts. If you think like me, contact me; I would love to be part of your big day! Have a nice day ♥

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