Francesco Dini

Francesco Dini Fotografo

Based in Italy

Also serving in United States

Starting price 550 EUR

My area of expertise includes a range of events like ceremonies, weddings, confirmation ceremonies, first communions, baptisms, birthdays. I am,furthermore, specialized in portraits: family, babies and children. For wedding shoots style: the photographs of two people who by getting married mark a fundamental stage in their personal story, require, in my opinion, an absolutely unique interpretation while taking up as little time as possible for that special stroll after the wedding ceremony. To accomplish this, together with the bride and groom, we choose places that are absolutely perfect in beauty and logistics and where they are invited to stroll, hold hands, chat with each other, not caring at all about my presence, but concentrating only on one another, so that with extreme naturalness their love can explode in the images and in the retelling of their happiness. I try to maintain an extremely low and discreet profile during the day; I absolutely do not want to be noticed.

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