Adán Díaz

ADAN DIAZ Wedding Photographer

Based in Mexico

Also serving in Spain

Starting price 1000 USD

Hi, I’m Adán Díaz , I’m a photographer from Monterrey, lover of photography and a full-time dreamer. I am an ambitious person, with a concern that is huge by eat me the world, living each day to the fullest. I think that dream is the food of the soul and one of my great aspirations is to photograph all the world . I love to catch in photo what simple and beautiful life can be, I enjoy reading, exercising and going to the cinema. I like to tell stories through my photographs and each wedding is a different adventure, despite the experience that I have in them, I always feel afraid before shooting, but is that feeling which drives me to move forward and get to where i want to. My greatest satisfaction is when you see your photos, you live the moments as important as they are, whatever the feeling.. I want to make you feel it.

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