Luigi Sauro

Luigi Sauro Photographer Studio

Based in Italy

Also serving in United Kingdom

Starting price 1500 EUR

Even something very common if observed carefully may become special. The camera discloses secrets that the bare eye or the mind cannot see, everything disappears except the object in the eye of the lens. Photography is an exercise in observation and the result is a stroke of luck. Sometimes, while I am working on a picture, I suddenly experience the soul of the person, the emotion stirred by an event or the vital essence of a object and my heart overflows with happiness; it is then that I feel that I am truly a photographer. As Henri Cartier Bresson said: It is simply an illusion to think that pictures are taken by the camera. We take them with our eyes, our heart and mind.. That is why I say: I have not invented a new way to take pictures. I simplyuse a new style, Mine. If someone were to ask me to describe my style, I would define it as perfumed because like perfume only a picture can bring back to you at the speed of light that very special emotion, memory or moment.

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