Celso Lobo

Celso Lobo Fotografia

Based in Brazil

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Starting price 1500 USD

I was born and live in Belém do Pará, northern Brazil, considered the metropolis of the Amazon. From the youth I am passionate about photography and in the last decades this passion has surfaced and came along with an incessant dedication. With each new course, I dedicate myself to knowing more. With this continual thirst for improvement, I set up a person library of books and photo magazines. The knowledge is practiced in the day to day, where I dedicate myself to the maximum in all the works that realize. I am constantly in search of new technologies and concepts, without abandoning the photographic essence, which is to transmit a message and to bring emotions of every moment through the images. Today I live the photograph every day, in full. I have the mark of innovation and professionalism. My knowledge goes beyond the camera and the computer. He gets registered with each essay, with each job. I try to make my work unique and striking.

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