Dino Sidoti

dino sidoti fotografo

Based in Italy

Starting price 1800 EUR

I am looking for a harmony between me and the subjects of my photos; that is the main goal of my work. That goal was born for my love for natural and extemporise photography. I don't impose any limit on a people to photograph, I like to make their feel good and natural. I seek connections between me and the people, where my shooting is the outcome of the time spent together. A dialogue that continues even in post-production, scrupulously edited by me and my staff, so that no one else could interpret my images. I love photography as a whole. This love was born 25 years ago, moving through the dark room to light room, from film to digital memory. Since then, the means of production have changed, but the passion has remained unchanged, as the goal: to make pretty pictures.

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