Andreas Dimogiannis

Andreas Dimogiannis Photography

Based in Greece

Also serving in Germany

Starting price 1500 EUR

As the sculptor his clay, the painter his brush, I will use my photographic camera and I will create a pot, a smile, a landscape, a hand on a hand, a beauty lost in the sunset… I will filter that moment of your happiness through my photographic lenses. And then your moment will be digitized. It will travel through mirrors, it will crash into plastic and glass, it will reach the surface of my eyes. It will wonder in my brain and it will be captured in my memory. Your moment has put itself into great adventures now! It will be accommodated in a computer’s salon. It will be adorned with some colors and lights. It will waste away anything undesirable and it will shine. Your moment is now as it should be! I will repeat this for hundreds of moments of your life. Trust me, I will treat your moments gently!

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