Anand Rathi

Reels and frames

Based in India

Starting price 1600 USD

Reels and Frames, is a 360 degree Candid Photography and Cinematography Company. The team comprises of the best talent in the industry who come from very different walks of life (VFX industry professionals, corporates and currency traders) and eventually connected due to their common love to photography and films. Their innate love for technology and the inherent knack of story-telling sets the company apart from its peers. The company is a fully in-house collective of photographers, cinematographers, editors, VFX artists and editors. What also sets them apart is the technology they deploy in shooting documentary style cinema for weddings- 4K video, Super Slow Motion, Motion Control Rigs, Drones – Quadcopters and Octacopters, Underwater gear, go pros and so on. Reels and Frames is a quest to combine all their skills and capture your best moments so that they remain etched as memories forever.

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