ricky arruda

Anna Quast e Ricky Arruda fotografia

Based in Brazil

Also serving in Italy

Starting price 5000 USD

Ricky has got the look of an artist and wrote his history with photography, from the fineart. A style that made him a professor, speecher, took his work for galleries and attracted looks of great names in the subject: “Ricky offers us instigating images that make us emotive and cause us pleasant emotions and sensations. Images full of feelings and many times of pure poetry, transformed into the most beautiful visuals.” (Walter Firmo), “He has got a very sophisticated look and an unique sensibility. Ricky is an artist and, for me, artists are not made for just one life. They have lives and lives of art as, I am sure, in this case. He is an alchemist who transforms air into poetry.” (Cláudio Edinger)

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