Molly Hauge

Molly + Co

Based in Los Angeles United States

Also serving in United Kingdom

Starting price 3400 USD

I am a preservation artist; a love archivist if you will. Having grown up in a family bursting with creators in a small, Midwestern town, I feel fortunate to have been encouraged to design and thrive in the world of fine art with purpose. After years of education, including degrees in design and a Masters in Fine Art Photography, I place great value in creating the tangible memories of your most special day as of yet. It excites me to compose and curate your wedding day through imagery that will last the years to come and create coffee table conversations with your generations to follow. Those are the moments I cherish most; the moments rifling through old photographs reliving each day captured on film. With love, loyalty and style…my purpose is to preserve those moments for you and those you love.

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