Paulo Nunes

MyStudio Photography

Based in Portugal

Also serving in Spain

Starting price 650 EUR

.. Who is Paulo Nunes ????A Professional Photographer? An Artist? A Visionary?For what I´ve known of him , his all that plus AN INSPIRE ! Born January 12, of 1973 in South Africa, been in Portugal since 1987, married to Claudia, an excellent Professional Artist and another great Makeup Artist and they have a beautiful 6 year old daughter. His known to have a photo journalistic view quite sharp, a vision of fashion with years of experience, and above all, has the passion to picture through his LENS "A Unique Story" that will never ever be forgotten .... and with all his creation that will blend all together I will never say that his another photographer who likes to create beautiful pictures, but a Story Teller!!! and one more thing, only his Inspiration, Vision and Art is valid to create unforgettable stories. ...So, I invite you to see his portfolio during the next 3 minutes , as well as his other works in Boudoir ,Fashion, Portrait, etc.... /

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