uzay hülagü

Sedef Dijital Hizmetler

Based in Turkey

Also serving in Cyprus

Starting price 500 EUR

I was born in 1971 in Istanbul. After reading YT engineering mathematics I tried to be the best of all my work in various sectors. For many years, musicianship, I deal with advertising promotion and organization work. In 2002 we moved to Antalya with my wife. Our company started working in the family with psoriasis photographers developed my photography and business information. I gained experience in domestic and international workshops on new shooting techniques. I have always followed closely by today's photographers. Marriage and Birth Stories always caught our attention with my wife."Photo Journalism" is interested to us. We have decided to offer services in two segments: "Marriage Story Photographers" & "Birth Story and Concept Baby Photographer". We have received from the past experience of our goal to create lasting works of art combine our own opinion. That is the only remaining souvenir photographs by first our duty to work for the highest quality memories.

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